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We have many other services not pictured here.


Retaining Walls

At AW Landscaping, we believe the foundation of a great hardscape is a strong retaining wall. That's why we put so much emphasis on the digging process, using quality materials and proper drainage to create a sturdy base. Our selection of blocks is exceptional, and our geo grid ensures that your retaining wall and hardscape will stand the test of time. Let us build the outdoor living space of your dreams, with landscaping and hardscaping that will bring you years of enjoyment.


Paver Patios 

Our paver patios are made and tailored to you. We have a large variety of pavers to choose from and we also use the best techniques to make sure your patio stands the test of time. 


Decorative Concrete 

We also specialize in decorative concrete with many colors and patters to fit your needs. So let us make your backyard dreams come true.

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